The Amputee’s Guide to Sex

I. Removal of Prosthetic

Wait for partner to exit room, or initiate their exit by requesting a favor. For example, ‘Could you check the front door? I can’t remember if I locked it.’ Wait for shadows to stand still, then quick, under the covers, remove the prosthetic. Let it slip beneath the bed, under clothes, behind a door.

II. Foreplay

To create an uninhibited environment for your partner, track their hands like game pieces on a board. For leg amputees, keep arms on upper body. For arm amputees, keep arms on lower body. Engage with like limbs. Keep half-limbs out of reach. Your goal is to achieve a false harmony with their body.

III. Sex

Mobility is key. If they see the half-limb then they become inhibited, nervous. They think: ‘Will it hurt like this? Would she tell me if it did?’  Mobility shows confidence. Think for two people. Know where your limbs are at all times; know where your partner’s limbs are at all times.

- Jillian Weise

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